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"Speculating is the act of committing your money before the political behavior occurs, and investing is commitment after it occurs."
How to Adapt and Profit
April 2009 EWR
, p5.
"My long-term investment forecast remains unchanged: the top growth industry of the next decade will be war."
Buy Defense Stocks Now?
June 1999 EWR, p3.
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Investments and Revolutions

Early Warning Report's Track Record

EWR is part investment advisory, part economic and geopolitical journal. What makes EWR so unique? So interesting? Our fundamental perspective that drives all our analysis: Political power corrupts the morals and the judgment.

Do not think this is just rhetoric. It's our model, the paradigm on which our investment strategy is based. A good investment forecast necessarily begins with a good economic forecast, and the economic forecast requires a realistic political outlook. To make investment suggestions, Mr. Maybury begins with politics, then goes to economics, then to the investments themselves.

Consequently, EWR concentrates on understanding the larger world outside of the financial industry: economics, geopolitics, history, law, and ethics.

EWR's focus is on long term, stable strategies based on the two long-term economic trends — war and debasement of currencies.

This approach has positioned the readers of EWR for astounding profits by predicting the most important events of the last 20 years. Here are just four of the critical quotes from EWR:


Feb. 1991: "A major shootout between the Islamic world and the West has been developing for centuries."

Oct. 1996: "The most important person in your financial life is a man the US press rarely says anything about. He is Osama bin Laden. ...He could have more influence on your investment portfolio than any other individual in the world."

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, during the much touted "new era of peace and brotherly love", Mr. Maybury broke from the pack by predicting not more peace, but instead more war and aggression. His recommendation to buy defense stock has continued strong for decades. One of many top performers, Lockheed Martin Inc., has increased 4,480% since Mr. Maybury originally recommended it in 1991.

U.S. Tar Pits in Iraq & Afghanistan

Oct. 2001, "...the purpose of the [9/11] attack was not to seriously damage America or to create fear in America, it was to create war fever so intense that America will plunge headlong into a guerrilla war in Central Asia."

As EWR predicted Washington entered an unwinnable, protracted conflict in the Middle East and started printing money to pay for it. As the value of the dollar eroded, EWR's recommendation to buy precious metals earned amazing profits — gold alone has been up 606% since 9/11.

Financial Crash of '08

May 2007, "The real estate and mortgage markets are in the bust stage of the Fed's cycle. The big question now is, are Fed officials about to loosen, or will they clamp down further? In my opinion, 2007 is a turning point... if Fed officials stay tight much longer, they will trigger another big financial crash."

Warned of a crash months before it happened, EWR subscribers weathered the storm and were positioned in non-dollar assets to capitalize on the torrent of newly printed money flowing from the Federal Reserve. One of these top non-dollar performers is EOG. Since its bottom in 2009, EOG has risen 395%.

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