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In the upcoming May 2018 Early Warning Report
you will learn about:

Ron Paul's comments about Austrian Economics
Former Congressman Ron Paul "For many years, the Austrian free market economists had predicted all these problems would come, and they were certainly right."
— U.S. Congressman Ron Paul


• Mr. Maybury's most crucial warning ever: "Many more school shootings coming — how to keep your children safe." He shows the statistical evidence that the growth curve of shootings has become exponential, and gives you nine measures that will help keep your children out of the line of fire.

• Five stocks likely to profit from the new raw materials boom.

• "Africa's Great War Reignites." Almost unnoticed by the mainstream press, the great war in central Africa is spreading like kudzu. It's wonderful news for defense stocks, but also threatens to trigger a global financial crisis.

• Why the federal government's support of the tyrant Mobutu Sese Seko for 32 years will lead to US involvement in the great African war. US troops are already in 50 of the 54 African nations.

• Why most nations around the world are fictions that do not really exist.

• And more.

The May 2018 EWR emails 18-Apr, and mails 24-Apr